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Housekeeper- Full Time Position

To maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment in all buildings for our guests and staff.
The incumbent must be in good physical health and able to climb ladders, stairs, etc. and perform other manual tasks. This position requires the ability to respond to guests and staff with courtesy.
Maintain the cleanliness of all Silver Bay buildings – Interior and exterior
    • Work an assigned cleaning route.
    • Clean staff bathrooms as needed.
    • Assist with laundry when necessary – Washing, drying, folding and storing neatly.
    • Check and assist with cleaning and keeping closets well stocked for their routes, meeting spaces, staff restrooms and public restrooms.
    • Practice safe chemical use.
    • Assist when needed in the CSU area of the Hospitality Services Department including setting up, tearing down and cleaning meeting     spaces.
    • Assist with the shutting down and opening up of buildings and meeting spaces. This includes making sure that the heat in each room or     building is set at the proper temperature depending on the status of the room.
    • Complete daily inspections, check and turn in the daily route paperwork properly marked completed
    • Keep daily timesheets of work completed for tracking cleaning.
    • Any other duties as assigned.
    • As a 24-hour operation all staff will be asked to work weekends, evening or night shifts and/or holidays in order to serve our guests and     program participants.

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