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Conference Set Up Supervisor- Full Time Position

The conference set-up (CSU) team leaders meet with the Hospitality Services Director and/or conference leadership upon arrival. At this meeting, the meeting space assignments, room set-ups, equipment needs and water/food requests are discussed. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to run the daily report and to check in with supervisors to check current status.. It is also the responsibility of the CSU supervisor, Dir. of Hosp. Services or Hosp. Services supervisor to coordinate their staff to see that each of these needs is met in a timely manner with attention to detail.
The professional appearance of our staff reflects the responsible dedication of you the staff member and Silver Bay. We expect your clothes to be clean and you to be neatly groomed when on duty. Staff is expected to wear their badge; staff shirt; black pants or shorts with at least a 4 inch inseam; no cargo style pants or shorts, and closed toed shoes.
The incumbent must be in good physical health and able to climb ladders, stairs, move tables, chairs, A/V equipment and perform other manual tasks. Conference Set Up supervisor must work well with people and they must become familiar with Silver Bay’s activities and facilities. All CSU staff must be able to operate and do minor repairs on the A/V equipment belonging to Silver Bay. This position requires the ability to respond to guest and staff needs with speed and courtesy. The incumbent must have or learn computer skills in order to use programs such as Maestro, Excel, Word and Facility Dude. The ability to read and write English and interpret oral and written informational data is required and a minimum of one-year experience in the Conference Set Up field is preferable but not required. A high school degree or equivalent is desired, but not required. A valid driver’s license is required.
CSU supervisor and staff may be required to help deliver services for Housekeeping such as linens, cots, trash cans, refrigerators etc. when not active delivering CSU services. They are also responsible for BBQ gas deliveries, furniture moving, program assistance and assist whenever needed.

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