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Prep Cook- Part Time Position

Posted: 05/11/2022

The Prep Cook primarily responsible for the successful production and maintenance of salad bars and other cold food items served in the Dining Room, cleaning the kitchen areas, and assisting as needed. The Prep Cook/ should also possess the necessary skills to follow basic direction from fellow team members.
The Prep Cook must possess sound organizational skills, have the ability to multi-task, practice good time management, understand customer service principles, work well under pressure, and be able to meet deadlines.
The Prep Cook must possess the knowledge necessary to follow recipes. The Prep Cook must be able to take constructive criticism and follow verbal (as well as written) instruction. Sound reading, writing, and mathematic skills, will be utilized when preparing and converting recipes.
    • Producing cold food items for service in the dining room and for various catered functions.
    • Working closely with the Kitchen Manager/Lead Cook to execute catered functions.
    • Attending to production times and deadlines.
    • Assisting in general cleaning and maintenance of the Kitchen, Loading Dock, Dining Room and surrounding areas.
    • Being a member of a TEAM focused workplace.
    • Maintaining good personal hygiene and personal sanitation

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