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Carpenter-Full Time Position

The general function of this person is to assist in the general carpentry work of the association.
Ability to read and write English and interpret oral and written information and data. A high school degree or equivalent is required. Must have good physical health. Be able to climb stairs, ladders, etc. and perform other manual tasks as required. Be able to lift at least seventy five pounds and have no previous back problems. Be at least 18 years of age at the time of employment.
 • Under the direction of the Maintenance Director and/or Head Carpenter perform rough carpentry including: dry wall, roofing, installing cabinetry, etc…
• Be ready and willing to assist other maintenance employees when asked for assistance.
• Have working knowledge of plumbing, electrical and basic maintenance services and equipment.
• As a 24-hour operation all staff may be asked to work weekend, evening or night shifts and/or holidays in order to serve our members, guests, and program participants.
• Assume the responsibilities of the maintenance department when the maintenance director is not available. Provide assistance to Housekeeping and Conference Set-Up in meeting their night duty needs.
• The person in this position will receive training in the following:
    1. Location and operation of water shut off valves
    2. Location and operation of all electrical boxes
    3. Location and operation of all alarm systems
    4. Location and operation of various pumps on campus that provide potable water and disposal of sewer water.
    5. Location and operation of all campus lights on timers
    6. You will in addition be briefed on what to do in the event of an emergency or a maintenance need that exceeds your ability to handle it.
• Perform any and all other duties assigned

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